Redefining ‘First things First’

5 weeks into life with 4 young children and reality has fully set in! I knew it would be busy, but to be honest I have been surprised by just how 24/7 it is!! Ordinary activities such as showering, emptying the dishwasher and replying to text messages have become challenging.

Yet again I have been trying to rework and adapt how to stay close to God in this season of mothering young children. With each child the challenge has increased and I have found myself having to become more and more intentional about keeping ‘first things first’, and more flexible about how that plays out practically in the day to day.

We all know the bible verses about seeking first the Kingdom and loving God with all our heart, but with the constant demands, busyness and noise it can be hard to know how to do that.

The first thing I have observed is that my preference of how I like to connect with God, and what I thing it should look like is out of the window, I have had to be willing to be adaptable!! It has become a daily journey of inviting God into my day and asking Him to reveal his prescence to me and His plans for me ‘as I go’ and squeezing things in as and when circumstances allow.

Both from my own experience and from chatting to other mums, one of the biggest challenges across the board seems to be bible reading. This is due to both lack of time and tiredness. I often find I have absolutly no chance of getting near my bible in the morning, and by the time I sit down in the evening I’m too exhausted to soak in anything I’m reading….sound familiar??! This can over time become quite discouraging.

For the last 2 weeks I have tried something different and just read the same chapter as often as I can (Ephesians 1 if your interested) Sometimes 2-3 times a day, some days I dont even manage once. I’ve been praying, asking God to reveal how I can apply it, and asking Him to prompt me and remind me of it through my day. The fruit has been really good, the repetition has helped to feel like I’m taking it into my heart and really understanding it, I have also had some great opportunites to apply it.

So if your a bit stuck in a rut with your bible reading, or if like me it has become a bit non-existant maybe give it go….I would love to hear your feedback!

I hope and pray it will revive you, and help The Word become more living in your daily life as you aim to keep ‘first things first’

Love Emma x



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