Brain Fog and how beauty and colour help!

It’s been a tiring year on planet earth.

No matter how this year has been for you personally, the global situation leaves a load that we carry either consciously or unconsciously and that takes it toll.

There are many consequences to this but a common one is a general feeling of tiredness, lethargy and brain fog. Our souls weren’t designed to carry the amount of information we are exposed to. If you even just watch the news then you are aware of suffering on a global scale.

Almost every person I chat to on the school run, at church or in shops say a variation of the same thing.

‘I’m just ready for the holidays’

‘I’m looking forward to a break a Christmas’

‘the kids are so tired this year’

‘I’m just exhausted, I don’t know what’s wrong with me….’

So with kindness I would like to offer that global pandemics, racial tensions and divisive politics are whats wrong.

Our souls are tired.

I’m reminded of the very early days of having children, sleepless nights, no solitude just getting through each day the best I could.

I found those years pushed me into finding new ways to recieve connection and life from God. My old ways no longer worked I was too tired to concentrate on anything.

I feel like that now.

But I’m still desperate for spiritual nourishment.

I would like to offer something that has been so helpful to me. I offer it with shyness and a little bit of embarrassment as drawing/art is not a gift I have!

If you feel tired try shorter, creative ways of prayer or bible reading.

~ Use colours in your journal or bible

~ choose tiny bits of scripture/truth to meditate on

~ Go for a walk and use your senses to worship and wonder.

~ set a phone alarm and do a simple 1 minute breath prayer

Create a beautiful little space in your home to just sit quietly

Notice what is bringing you life and what is zapping it. Make sure you find ways to include the life giving stuff.

Most of all be kind to yourself

If this inspires you to give something new a go feel free to share it with me or ask any questions

Love and blessings

Emma x