Pilates, Peppa Pig and PMT

What a crazy few months it’s been!

As the title suggests, I’ve been desperately tying to juggle studying Pilates and family life, while my hormones have been going crazy. I’m not gonna lie it’s been tough.

Trying to practise my exercise while the kids clamber all over me, studying anatomy with my flash cards while waiting at the school run. Keeping going through horrificly painful periods, it’s challenged me in every way.

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life than when I get very busy another very important ‘P’ goes out the window….


It seems the busier I get, the more I struggle spiritually. I try hard not to let it happen but at the end of the day it just loses it’s priority in my life. As stresses come we learn a lot about who we are and what our lives are built upon. For me it nearly always takes a crisis to reevaluate how I live my day to day life.

Chatting to God in the car on the way to work last week, I realised quickly that it had been a while…a while since I just hung out with Jesus, just because I wanted to and because I love him. I mean I sent plenty and one liners up there, and I’ve prayed for other people….but to just be, with no agenda….I’ve no idea how long that had been.

Life is always busy in the world we love in today, and stresses, demands, schedules, illness, challenges…there not gonna stop. I was chatting to someone in the street the other day, they had noticed how worn down I was looking, they gave me some advice which I’ve really tried to take on board.

 This person said to me, ‘ the difficult hormones and migraines are probably caused by stress, you need to take it easy.’ I replied, ‘oh I will, as soon as these exams are out of the way, it will calm down, then I will do less.’ They smiled a knowing smile, ‘that’s what stressed people always say. When your exam finishes there will be something else ready to take its place’


I realise I may have been making that excuse a lot recently, oh, as soon as this finishes it will calm down, as soon as so and so starts sleeping through the night, as soon as my period is finished. There is always something…..

So we have to choose right now, what our priorities are, how we spend our time, how much we give to God, our families etc. because otherwise tomorrow never comes and we become people we don’t want to be, living lives we don’t want to live.

This photo below was taken a couple of weeks ago just before I left to teach, I don’t think the make up hides the exhaustion and the banging headache, I didn’t feel myself that day.

Nothing has changed outwardly. I’m still practising til I’m bruised, I’m dreading my next period and that peppa pig song is still driving me crazy. 

But I have changed inwardly. 

Just in a small, probably unnoticeable way to anyone else. But in my heart, my priorities are reordered and prayer  is back, helping me and guiding me along the way.

How are you doing? Do you even know? Maybe take a minute to be quiet and ask the Holy Spirit

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps at least one person

Love Emma x