Hi, Welcome to LovingHimRaisingThem!

My name is Emma, Im a 34 year old mum of 4 amazing children under 10. My husband and I recently relocated to the beautiful east coast of Scotland to church plant.

I am passionate about living life to the full and loving God with my whole heart. I love Jesus and I love being a wife and being a mum. I see life as a shared adventure to be lived with those around me for the glory of God. I love Pilates which I teach part time, and the outdoors. I feel most alive when I’m out in creation with my family and friends, walking by the ocean or looking out over a sunset vista. You can often find us running in the rockpools at the beach or heating beans on a campstove in the woods!





The Blog

This blog is born out of a desire and a dream, to connect with mums all over all the world and encourage them in their walk with God. Life as a mum to young children is amazing and beautiful but let’s be honest it’s also busy, noisy and at times, crazy!! Finding the time to have intimacy with God and walk with Him in our day-to-day lives can be a challenge. My posts will be from the heart, sharing the triumphs and the struggles. The extraordinary and the ordinary. The beauty and the battles of this journey.

When pregnant with my second child I made a decision to seek God in my everyday life fervently and intentionally. My morning quiet times and evening prayer strolls were out the window, but I was determined that my intimate relationship with God wasn’t going to be!

Seven years later we are out of the baby stage and have 4 lively amazing children, facing new challenges, new levels of exhaustion and new levels of intimacy with God!! I’m excited by Gods amazing faithfulness and grace to me as a busy mum in this incredible season of life. The truth is when we fix our eyes and hearts on Him, He meets us right where we are…..be it mid nappy change, one minute prayer on the loo or doing the school run!! He is always there, always loving us, always believing in us, always ready for us to speak to Him and respond to us.

So I invite you to journey with me, to laugh, to cry, to find grace, to find hope and joy in Him.

To love Him all day every day as you raise your little ones……….

Lets get started!


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