Pay attention, Pause and Ponder

Beautiful Sophia Louise entered this world 6 days ago, birth as it always is was painful but worth every moment. The days since have gone by in a haze of tiredness, elation, sore nipples, wonder, joy, tears, and happiness.

I write now after a long difficult feed, with her sleeping soundly on my chest. I thought my first blog after having her would be all about these early days, but God has pressed something else strongly on my heart.

In the last month I have faced (and am still facing) two trials, neither of which are major but have both caused me a lot of worry. As I was chatting to God in the shower this morning…(often my only place of solitude!) I realised how badly I had been dealing with them. The specifics aren’t important so I wont bore you with them, it is my response to them that I want to share with you.

In both situations instead of taking things one day at a time, my mind went straight to the ‘what if’s’, to the long term. What if it doesn’t get better, what if I cant cope in a few weeks…..etc etc. The bible talks a lot about taking life a day at a time, and about giving our worries to God, both of which I know, neither of which I was doing!

Since realising this I am now trying to stand on those scriptures and live each day as it comes. But to come to this place I first needed to;

Pay Attention – I needed to pay attention to what was going on in my own heart, mind and emotions. Lots of time we live with things like worry, fear and anxiety because we simply don’t notice they are even there.

Pause – Take the time to pray and listen to God. All I had was 5 minutes in the shower but God will bless the little we have, remember the widows mite!


Ponder – God wants us to be free of those things that keep us from living in all the fullness He has for us, but it takes regular, intentional practise…learning about ourselves, recognising our response to things and dealing with them before they take root.

Life is so busy, especially as a mum and your own heart can be the last thing you think you have time for. But its so important to try because its from our hearts that we love God and love others, and when its full of junk it doesn’t work well. The life we are called to sow into others is hindered.

Maybe have a go this week at paying attention to how you respond to situations that come into your world, pause and ask God about it, then ponder His word to show you how to deal with whatever has come up.

I hope you have a great week, as for me I will be taking mine one day at a time!!

Emma x x


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  1. Chantal
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 13:11:08

    Very wise words Emma xx


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