Recognising the signs…..

The last 5 weeks have been a hard time for me in lots of ways.

As well as the normal all day tiredness and nausea of early pregnancy, I have had another unwelcome, interuptive side effect. Any form of screen or written text leaves me feeling extremley sick and dizzy. So the TV, the laptop, reading, texting etc have all been off limits.

As well as being plain annoying, I realise in hindsight that I LET IT really affect my walk with God. It wasn’t until the fruit started to really show that I realised how much I’d let things slip.

Paranoia, insecurity, negative thoughts, fear, a critical spirit…the list goes on.

A few days ago I was in the shower when it dawned on me that I had been playing a negative scenario over and over in my head, (a habit I normally have under control with God’s help) I was distant from God and the gentle guiding of His Spirit.

As I repented in that moment, God in His grace showed me where it all started to go wrong. My circumstances meant I couldn’t read my bible, read blogs/books that encourage me or write in my journal. For me these are primary ways I connect with God. But instead of adapting, and asking God to help me find new ways, I just let everything slide.

Since then I’ve done what I should have done weeks ago and sought God for new ways…worship, thinking on a scripture I know well, praying as soon as I wake etc…

My question to you is ‘Do you recognise the signs when you start to slip away from walking closely with God?’

A good thing to do is to take a regular check on the health of your inner world.

How are you reacting recently to life/people/circumstances?

Are you quick to judge/critisise/repent/apoligise/hold a grudge?

Are you going to God first/regularly/consistantly?

When you know things aren’t right, deal with them quickly. Dont wait for life to spiral like I did. If circumstances are challenging, as they often are in motherhood, invite God in daily to help you adapt and cope.

And remember His mercies are new every morning!!