The Mum’s Mite

Spring has finally sprung after a long wet, windy winter! Evidence of new life is everywhere you look, and as I was smelling the freshly cut grass and looking at the daffodils in the sunshine this weekend, my mind quickly turned to the impending new life I am about to birth.

With about 3 weeks to go,  it suddenly feels very close and I am again thinking about how I will fit everything I need to do into each day, and also how I am going to try and walk with God in His strength as I go…..

The truth is I don’t really have the answers to these questions, because I am journeying somewhere I have never been before, facing new challenges and dynamics in our family.

As I was praying and seeking God about all of this, He reminded me of a story in the bible which I love and has encouraged me many times before.  The story of  The Widows Mite found in Mark:12. As Jesus is sat watching people putting money in the offering baskets outside the temple, he notices a poor widow come along and put in two small coins. He explains to the disciples that although the other people are giving a larger amount of money, she is in fact giving more than all of them, as they are only giving a small amount of their excess, whereas she is giving all she has.

This story is so encouraging, because it shows us that Jesus isn’t concerned with the amount of  what we can give compared to other people. He is interested in our hearts behind it. That relates to time as well as money.

Maybe like me, you are in a very busy season of raising small children, or juggling working and family life…..and by the time you have met all those needs there isn’t much time left for reading your bible, or helping in the community or at church.

And that is OK, there is nothing to feel guilty about!!

As long as like the Widow we are offering Jesus what we have along the way, serving, praying, helping and blessing others as and when we can. With the limited resource or time that we do have, we are still a vital part of the Kingdom of God, doing the vital job of raising our families, and being part of the communities we live in.

I encourage you to read the story for yourself and allow God to encourage you to give the best that YOU can to all in your world.

As for me the next time I write a post my baby girl will be here! And who knows how I will be doing, but its good to know that Jesus sees my heart…

Love Emma x