Is ‘Wellness’ a choice?

I’ve been on the most incredible journey with my health over the last 7 weeks, and it’s rocked almost everything I thought I knew about Wellbeing.

First of all what is Wellbeing? According to the dictionary ‘ it’s the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.’ I think that’s a pretty short but decent definition, although I would have to add in the word soul to that.

7 weeks ago I took my young son for a haircut and stood facing the mirror for a good 20 minutes. I looked and felt awful, spotty skin, dark eyes, lank hair. I felt grumpy, lethargic and worn out in every way. I was exercising, but I wasn’t sleeping well or eating well or thinking well. My prayer life was almost non existent and soon as I got the kids in bed all I wanted to do was sit with my iPad eating junk food and zoning out….and whenever that was possible, thats what I would choose.

Long story short I decided enough was enough, and I did a 14 day eating plan where I cut out junk food and sugar ( and I’m still going in many ways). Lots of areas of my life were a mess but I chose food because I became aware that it was impacting every part of my Wellbeing….let me explain.

John Eldredge from Ransomed Heart often talks about the difference between restoration and relief. Life is busy and full of circumstances and challenges we can’t control, in the middle of that God is always waiting and inviting us to go to Him to be restored. However often instead of turning to Him, to truth, to Life, we seek relief instead. zoning out to the tv, scrolling through social media, eating comfort food…fill in the blank…

so choosing to tackle my eating habits first, although seemingly non-spiritual was actually a spiritual choice. Food had become something in my life that it was never meant to be. The chocolate in the fridge became where I turned when I was bored, frustrated, exhausted or stressed. God wasn’t getting a look in, except occasionally maybe when I would listen to a teach online…while I was eating!

God created us to journey through life with Him. He created food for us to be nourished and sustained, enjoyed with friends. He gave us free will to choose and to think. He gave us a body and a mind to live in and asked us to care for it.

I lay before you life and death….now choose life – God.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he – Soloman, Proverbs.

When I started eating better, using food to nourish me instead of comfort me…it created space for me to turn to God instead. I got more energy and became more productive. I found myself more awake and alert, praying and worshipping more. I was a nicer person to be around ( especially at home with my kids and husband) with more patience and kindness because I was more connected to God. 

I look better, I feel better and I’m thinking better quite simply because I made a choice. Then I carried on making that choice every day. Has it been easy? No. Has it been worth it? Yes.

We can’t control the things that come against us in the forms of sickness and disease, we can’t control our DNA. But we can choose to think good thoughts, forgive, eat good food, exercise, sleep enough, rest enough, drink enough water, and this will give us the best opportunity for health.

We can choose restoration instead of relief and everytime we do that we choose wellness. Whether we are fighting fit or in the midst of a health battle we can choose wellness. For me it started with choosing well with my food and it then seeped into every part of my life. What is it for you? Do you need to stop criticising others? Or get outside more? Or choose hope over despair? Or go to bed earlier?

Why not pray and ask the Holy Spirit if there is a choice you can make to move you towards wellness

So is wellness a choice?

Will you choose it?

Love Emma x

Pls check out Dr Caroline Leaf….think and eat yourself smart it’s a great resource and explains in so much depth how our thought choices and food choices affect our brains and our health.