Following the Christmas King


The Christmas season is upon us, and I dont know about you but I’m feeling busier than ever. My boys are extra hyper and my to do list is extra long!

Whilst zoning out last week after another hectic day I stumbled across this quote on facebook ;

‘When navigating my life priorities & schedule I look for peace far more than I search for balance. Life is not an equation to be balanced!’ (Christine Caine)

I then came across the picture at the top a few days later at the eden project and have been pondering them both ever since.

I am one of those analytical kind of people, and I often think about getting the right ‘balance’ in my life, and what a minefield that is! From marriage to motherhood, from friendships to hobbies, from serving to resting, from reading to listening, from cleaning to giving……how much of what, when? and how often?

Recently I have been trying to get to grip with keeping my house organised and tidy, finding a place for everything during the neverending cycle of washing, toys and general family life. However hard I try it feels like as soon as I get one room sorted another one has fallen into a state of chaos. I just cant seem to ‘get the balance right’.

And to be honest I think this is kind of a picture of my life. With some bits being invested in and flourishing while other parts fall by the wayside. If I’m not careful I can end up really heavy, striving and feeling like a failure. I know thats not what God wants because The word says His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

So I’ve been asking Jesus….How do you get the balance right?

His response……Follow me.

Ecclesiastes tells us ‘There is a time for everything….’ So fun, laughter and rest have their place as much as serving, giving and cleaning!

But to find that elusive peace, Jesus is leading me to just let go of trying to balance everything. He is leading me to a much holier place of letting it all go, and just listening for His voice and His guiding.

I dont know if I will ever get every area of my life in order, and I’m even more doubtful I will ever get every room in my house in order.

But I am feeling a deep peace as I try and follow Him decision by decision, day by day.

My prayer for you is that you take a minute to ask Jesus where you’re striving and how you can better follow Him, and that He will give you peace where you might have been feeling heavy.

Emma x


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  1. Tiva Daka
    Dec 06, 2013 @ 13:14:02

    Yep! This is another download from heaven! Love it!


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