Being present

This time last week I had the incredible privilige of a night away alone with my man. It was an amazing time of connection, fun and relaxation. I soaked every moment of it up! being fully present was easy in that particular 24 hours.

We came back home and straight back into normal life! We had a few difficult situations arise and decisions to make over this last week.

I have kept praying and seeking Gods face in it all, but have found my mind very busy. The normal noise levels in our house and everyday demands on me have been harder to cope with. I suppose I have been trying to get through my day, rather than really live it and enjoy it.

Being fully present and engaged in the normal chaos of life is not as easy as at the spa!

Tonight as Jon left for work at 5pm I had a decision to make, was I going to endure the 5pm-7pm madness or enjoy it? Was I going to rush through my tasks and time with my boys distracted? Or engage in it and be truly present to them?

I chose to be present.

As I fed Nate, I thanked God for him, and really looked at his beautiful face. I left the pots for a while and laughed at their film with them, enjoying their happiness and jokes. I watched their different little personalities and the lovely way they interact with each other. I treasured them all and every time my mind drifted back to problems, I brought it back to the moment I was in.

It felt good.

It felt holy.

The only moment we all have is the one we are in right now. This week lets practise being fully present to the people we are with. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. To God, to our husbands, our kids, our friends, our neighbours.

Emma x


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