The HEART of Faith, Hope and Love

‘Man looks at outside appearance but God looks at the Heart’  (Samuel, The Bible)

I prayed for God to show me what to write over Christmas and New year. I wanted to write something encouraging and inspiring for the mums who take the time to read my blog. But as much as I prayed and listened……nothing came.

I wanted to start the New year full of hope, purpose and direction, running my race well. Instead it started badly, feeling down, demotivated and struggling.

8 days into 2014 and not much has improved from the outside. I’m still kind of moping about, over reacting to things and eating far too much chocolate!

But on the inside God continues the amazing work of refining me and restoring my heart. You see I may not have everything all figured out, but God sees my heart and my desire to become more like Him, more who He created me to be. He loves me and accepts me completely exactly as I am….and I am trying to let that sink in.

From that position of being His, He is inviting me to draw nearer to Him. So in this season of feeling not so great, I am choosing to trust Him more and lean on Him more through my day.

I have no New years resolutions, targets, goals or lists to share with you.

Instead I have faith. Faith that ‘He who began a work in me, will see it through to completion’.

I have hope. Hope that I can ‘cast my care on Him, because He cares for me’

And I have love. His love for me (and you) which is eternal and unchanging.

I pray that as you continue along through 2014 you will remember your heart. Whether you have started with a bang; full of joy and determination, or whether you are facing more challenging times. Remember to give yourself grace when you have a bad day, and remember to offer that grace to others….we never truly know what they are facing. One of my children has been very highly strung recently, shouting alot and being difficult. As I was praying for Him, God led me to consider His heart, what was behind his mood and behaviour . Just before He went to sleep I got my answer, I imagine tomorrow will be a better day for him, because I understood his heart, instead of the external behaviour.

God sees your heart.

He see’s your heart for Him, for your family and for others.

I pray this fills your heart with peace and hope as you journey on raising your children through whatever this year may bring.

A belated happy New Year!

Love Emma x