Rhythms: Swapping perfection for contentment

I write a lot about this.

How do I find a sustainable rhythm in my spiritual life, my family life, my work life, my friendships, my health and downtime?? How do I give each of my four children the time and attention they need? How do I stay present to what is in front of me without getting sucked into my worries, my fears or a screen?

Why I ask you, do I have to check my emails, instagram and Facebook religiously before I embark on any task?? (Oh and don’t forget the weather) Why??!!! I hate distractions and being interrupted yet I choose to do it to myself all day long…..

The mirage of perfection just on the horizon has kept me feeling like a failure my whole life. Peace and contentment always just out of reach. If i can just stick with getting up at 5.30am I will have time in the morning to pray, do exercise and journal. If I could just keep the house really orderly I wouldn’t get so stressed. If I could just check social media for 10 minutes a day Id be more present. If I could just eat well all the time Id be happier. If I could just keep everyone happy….

If, If , If, When, When, When.

Contentment and peace always just out of reach.

After struggling for a long time with lots of things I made the decision to see a spiritual director once a month. Ive never made time for anything like this before and Ive battled some guilt about doing it and spending the money. But I need help to navigate and build the life Ive been given and thats ok. Friends and family are fantastic but a spiritual director or counsellor can unlock things us and support us in a professional way that we can’t expect from those around us.

One of the things Im learning to do to greet the day as it comes to me and just do my best. That might sound obvious but if you’ve struggled with perfectionism you will know what a relief it is to realise your best is good enough. Amidst endless failing, half starts and frustrations I have actually managed to develop and sustain some really simple and helpful rhythms. These are a random mix of parenting, spiritual development and health….which pretty much sums up my life! Im not sharing these in a prescriptive way but just as ideas and to spark your own imagination.

Walking and talking


So this may seem pretty simple!! But getting out with the kids for a big walk always gets them opening up and talking. There are no screens or household distractions and it just works. If they are sharing something big thats happening for them if often comes out in stages in-between climbing trees and leaping about theres no pressure, they can see that we are present and they just talk. We spend hours every week doing this and it really keeps us all connected.

Cold water swimming


This is possibly the best thing Ive done in along time thats just for me. It brings joy, it clears the mind, I’ve made new friends, its actually good for you, its free….it ticks all the boxes. On a deeper level its reconnecting me with something I loved as a kid and lost as an adult. Im finding healing through it in ways i don’t even know how to write about. I commit to twice a week no matter what and I often manage three.

The Examen

This is an Ignation practise done once or twice a day as a kind of review of the movements of God in your day. There is endless resource online and lots of varieties but for me I do it just before bed and its a variation of the original. Ive done it most nights for the last 2 years and it really helps me to deal with things, practise gratitude and stop any resentments building up.


Tracking my cycle

So this is a new one for me and its not something I will be stopping because it is literally changing my life. If you want to know more Clare baker has tons of info online. But basically I follow my cycle and I track my emotions and how I feel. Then I use that information to help me in the future. Simple silly story of it in action. A couple of months ago I had to plan a communion thing for church and it wasn’t a big deal but Id left it to the last minute and it was making me so stressed I couldn’t figure out how best to do it and I was really overreacting my heart was pounding and I was very frustrated. Fast forward about a month (funnily enough) and I’m making a new recipe, same emotions come up I’m panicking, I feel overwhelmed, I want everyone to be quiet. Its a familiar pattern so instead of getting mad I just accept it, I know why, and I slow down I read the list carefully, I ask the kids calmly to just give me a minute, Im kind to myself instead of angry…..I don’t have a meltdown. Success!! On the positive end of things there are times of the month when I have more energy, Or I’m more creative or i have more empathy. So instead of fighting against myself and my hormones I work with them. Its so good.

Anyway theres a few random rhythms that help me, I hope it encourages you to explore some life giving rhythms for you.


Emma x



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