I came across this photo of our eldest son this morning. It’s a photo of him when he went wild camping with Jon last year. They had a wonderful adventure together, hiking to a hidden beach, sharing laughter, a roaring fire and late night hot chocolate watching the stars

A time of fun, adventure and freedom.

As I look at this photo of Isaac he looks completely free and full of joy. He is physically manifesting what I long for deep in my soul.

I long to be free.

Free to be myself. Free to love others with abandon and wholeheartedness. Free to let go of control and to trust God. Free to follow my dreams.

I long to be free in the deep places of my heart and mind.

I am learning that this deep freedom only comes as I become more fully surrendered to God. It something I am actively pursuing, but I also know I have along way to go.

It comes as I learn to walk closely with God to his voice and his leading.

It comes as I choose between 1000 tiny decisions of right and wrong every day. When to speak and when to shut my mouth. When to pursue an idea and when to lay it down. When to fight for something or simply let it go.

As I raise my family I know they will live with the fruit of these choices I make every day. The choice I make to pursue freedom will better position them to pursue it for themselves.

Don’t you long to be free and at peace in your heart?

This Christmas amidst the chaos, the demands, the duties and the present buying, I challenge you to look at the Christmas story afresh.

Look at the lengths Christ went to, to come here and set you free.

Look at Mary fleeing Herod

Look at God, who created everything, who spoke it all into being, coming here to die, so we could be free…….

Then ponder it, and chase it and pray for more of that freedom

Because it’s yours!

Have a truly happy, wonderful festive season with your families

Love Emma x




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