Diversity, Unity and Community

Since entering the world of motherhood I have had the privilege of being surrounded by an amazing group of mum’s, both from within my home church and in the wider community.

Whether it’s swapping birth stories at a playgroup, toddler tantrum antics over coffee or the common discussion of ‘are you going to have any more?…’ practically anywhere! one thing that always strikes me is the diversity of the mum’s I know. Their different life circumstances, approaches to discipline, personalities, ages, work situations. A beautiful myriad of women.

Yet I have also seen that amazing diversity cause judgement and disunity. Breastfed or bottlefed. Stay at home mum or full-time worker. Discipline and routine or laid back and casual…….An endless array of different approaches and opinions, enough to leave the best of us feeling like we dont quite hit the mark.

I have learnt after both dishing out and being on the receiving end of the raised eyebrows and comments, that as mums we often have the same core desires and insecurities

To be a good mum

To raise our children to be confident, loved and secure

To have and be a good friend to others

To live our lives well

We achieve this best when we live and learn as part of a community. Sharing wisdom, giving grace, lending strength and encouraging one another daily.

My hearts desire is that this blog can become its own community. Where a diverse group of mum’s from all over, can be brought together in unity and strength.

So whoever you are, join in! Whether your homeschooling your 6 kids, or juggling 2 kids and a full time career, we need you. Add your portion and your strength by leaving nuggets of wisdom or encouragement in the comments box. If you have a question or need prayer, send a message. Or maybe your older and your children have been and gone? We need your pearls too….so comment away!!

Jesus taught that people would see we were His disciples by our love for one another and our unity.

So this isn’t just my blog, my opinion, my ideas. This is a place where all are welcome, all are valued and all have a part to play;

A Diverse, Unified Community of Mum’s


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  1. Chantal
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 02:31:11

    Without my community of friends who are also mums I’d really struggle. It’s such a blessing to have these ladies in my life who are going through it or have been there to talk to. I also feel so encouraged to have God right by my side whatever I am going through that day: three kids crying at the same time, a dirty messy nappy, a cherished moment with of my boys, a day not seeing anyone else or having to walk somewhere with the kids in the rain. I know He is there with me. It gives me peace and through it all it helps me to smile because he is on my side.


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